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Hi there!

MeMy name is Michael. Born back in 1979, I soon began to develop some kind of enthusiasm for computers and their application. Years went by, until i finally could declare a “personal computer” as mine. From that day, computers became my vocation – and my job.

Nowadays, I work as “Software Development Consultant” (needless to say including software-development as such), “Technology Evangelist” and “Performance Engineer” (rarely) at a mid-size software development company in Austria for well over ten years.

In my spare time, I also do some software-projects; there are:

 I’m a contributor to the following communities:

Some other skills:

But there is also life beyond IT (e.g. my beloved wife, some [very few] sports, playing piano and many other interests).

If you like, you can contact me.

Regards, Michael

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