Hello world …

… famous first words, used to introduce one into most programming languages available today.

So, let me say “Hello world” in that regard, to introduce you to my new blog. My name is Michael. Born back in 1979, I soon began to develop some kind of enthusiasm for computers and their application. Years went by, until I finally could declare a “personal computer” as mine. From that day, computers became my vocation – and my job.

Nowadays, I work as “Software Development Consultant” (needless to say including software-development as such), “Technology Evangelist” and “Performance Engineer” (rarely) at a mid-size software development company in Austria for well over ten years. I also do some software-projects in my spare time, but there is also life beyond IT (e.g. my beloved wife, some [very few] sports, playing piano and many other interests).

Although I’m obviously a German native speaker, I’ll write this blog in English because in my opinion, most of the useful resources regarding software, coding, issues and much more can be found in English language and some software is really, really badly translated, complicating internet-research on particular topics.

So, what will I blog about?

I can’t answer that question exactly at this point, but if there’s plenty of time, I’d simply like to share and exchange some of my experience about computers with you. Maybe some day, it will get a sort of IT-diary or a place to discuss anything.

Feel free to leave comments and/or constructive feedback. Looking forward to that!

Regards, Michael

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